Hello everyone,

Brody Dillard, Golf Course Superintendent at Landa Park Golf Course at Comal Springs, here again to talk about our upcoming needle tine.

On Monday, May 22nd, the maintenance crew will spot needle tine some trouble areas on a few of the greens. Most of these areas are no bigger than 100 square feet. The areas that we’ll be targeting are the surface drainage spots, typically on the front of most greens due to the back to front slopping. Over the last few years these areas have built up high volumes of organic matter, and the result is poor surface drainage.

By needle tinning and top dressing these areas it allows water to be absorbed off the surface, which allows the turf to “breathe” better and increases turf quality.

The locations that will be spot needle tined are as followed:

  • #2 – Front Left and Right
  • #3 – Back Center
  • #4 – Front Center
  • #5 – Front Center
  • #6 – Front Center
  • #7 – Front Left
  • #8 – Front Center
  • #9 – Front Right
  • #10 – Front Center
  • #13 – Middle Right
  • #14 – Front Center
  • #15 – Back Left
  • #18 – Front Center and Middle Left

We look forward to seeing you at the course. Until next time!

Brody Dillard
Landa Park Golf Course Superintendent