The 2017 Junior City Championship is in the books! Hats off to everyone who played, you all played great and we hope you had a great time.

Congratulations to our winners!

             High School Boys Division

High School Boys Champion: Darryl Fulgham

 from left to right:

6th Place: Carson Gallaher
5th Place: Avery Crafton (absent from photo)
4th Place: Joseph Smith
3rd Place: Trenton Leffingwell
2nd Place: Matthew McArthuer
1st Place:  Darryl Fulgham

High School Girls Division


High School Girls Champion (3-Time Champion): Abby Adams

from left to right

3rd Place: Hanna Bullard
2nd Place: Karina Duran
1st Place: Abby Adams


Congratulations to Johnna Johanson on her hole-in-one on #12!


Middle School Division

from left to right: 

1st Place Middle School Boys: Jackson Bade
2nd Place Middle School Boys: Jackson Bowen
1st Place Middle School Girls: Julia Garcia


Elementary Division

1st Place Elementary Boys: Alex Kolodziejski
2nd Place Elementary Boys: Luke Garcia
1st Place Elementary Girls: Presley Bolado